If your car needs a service, it makes sense to shop around. We understand that. However, like most things, make sure your are comparing like for like! Here at Sam Edwards we offer three levels of service.
A Short service, which consists of an oil and filter change, top up of all levels, check of antifreeze and tyre pressures and a visual inspection of the brakes. £144.00
Our Interim service (sometimes referred to as a Full service) covers all the points highlighted by blue check-boxes in the picture below. The vehicles front wheels are removed and the front brakes are checked - stripped and cleaned or parts replaced if needed (extra charge) - after consultation with you, the owner. £190.00
Our Full service (sometimes referred to as a Major service) includes all of the applicable black boxes on the service sheet. This includes ALL replaceable filters, ALL wheels removed and brakes stripped and cleaned. Spark plugs are replaced on petrol engines if required.
Please give us a call on 01288352008 for a price. 

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